The Malvern Hills at Dawn: My Inspiration

My best work is always done out of spontaneity. I woke at 4am this morning (14th Sept 14) and out of complete whim decided to go for an unnaturally early country drive to the nearest place I could consider mountainous. In this case the Malvern Hills.

After dodging the odd pheasant and grouping of rabbits, driving half way up the hills and walking the rest of the way to the top. These photographs remind me of why I love photography. Knowing I was the only person to have witnessed this majestic morning, from this vantage point, at this particular time, gives me great joy in being able to share it. 

I had suffered a week of trying to create photographs, uninspired by anything and loathing everything. I wake up out of no intention with Rachmaninoff’s Concerto No.2 ringing in my mind from the Proms the week prior, my mind was enthralled to do something in that moment. 

Whenever I plan photographs they always seem to disappoint what my mind had imagined. When spontaneous inspiration prods my creativity, I produce photographs I enjoy, regardless of others and preconceived notions of beauty.

By Freddie Ardley Photography

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i love typing because my fingers make that cool sound and i seem professional

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"Girls are not machines that you put kindness coins into until sex falls out."

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oh my god she is a fucking boss

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"A man can only stumble for so long before he either falls or stands up straight."

Tindwyl, The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson (via tacticalthaumaturge)

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some hippies are gradually painting the pavement leading to my school with cute bright colours. the saying “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” comes to mind. quite literally.
thank you random street artists, though

"Love cannot be hidden. It even shines in the darkest places."

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"If you repeat something over and over again it loses its meaning; “You watch the sunset too often it just becomes 6 pm, you make the same mistake over and over you stop calling it a mistake. If you just wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up one day you’ll forget why”"

Phil Kaye from Repetition (via psych-facts)